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A (Top)
A & One Precision Eng., Pte Ltd (Singapore)
AJE TechServ Pte. Ltd.
Ambienergy Enterprises Inc. (Philippines)
Ambrose Industries (Philippines)
Apex Precision Eng., & Mfg. (Singapore)
APO Chemical & Mfg. Corp. (Philippines)
Armel Plastic Company Inc. (Philippines)
Asian Transmission Corporation (Philippines)
Autoliv Philippines Inc. (Philippines)
Automotive Interiors Corporation

B (Top)
B4 Mfg. Corp. (Philippines)
BASF Coatings & Inks Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

C (Top)
Chinyee Engineering & Machinery Pte Ltd (Singapore)
CKE Manufacturing PTE LTD
Criswell Singapore Pte Ltd

DAI-ICHI Electronics Mfg. Corp (Philippines)
Disk Precision Industries Pte Ltd
DK-DWA Automotive Parts (Phils.) Corp. (Philippines)
Du Pont Far East, Inc. - Philippines (Philippines)

E (Top)
Enkei Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

Fasteners, Inc. (Philippines)
Formtech, Inc. (Philippines)
Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines (Philippines)
Furukawa Electric Autoparts Phils., Inc. (Philippines)
Furusawa Rubber (Phils.) Corp (Philippines)

Gemphil Wiring System Inc. (Philippines)
Goodyear Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

Herrick Filter Mfg. Corp. (Philippines)
Hooven Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

I (Top)
Imasen Philippine Manufacturing Corp. (Philippines)
International Wiring Systems Philippines Corp. (Philippines)

Jeco Autoparts Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)
JF Rubber Phils., Inc. (Philippines)

K (Top)
KEA Industrial Corp. (Philippines)
Keihin Philippines Corporation (Philippines)

L (Top)
Laguna Autoparts Mfg. Corp. (Philippines)

M (Top)
M.D. Juan Enterprises (Philippines)
Manly Plastics, Inc. (Philippines)
Maximetal Industries, Inc. (Philippines)

Nito Seiki Manufacturing Corp. (Philippines)

O (Top)
Onn Wah Precision Engineering Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Oriental & Motolite (Philippines)
Oriental Toolmaster Corporation (Philippines)

P (Top)
Paint Marketing Corp. Philippines, Inc . (Philippines)
Philippine Auto Components, Inc. (Philippines)
Pilipinas Kyohritsu, Inc.
Pneumax Singapore Pte Ltd
Primark Tooling Industries (Philippines)

Q (Top)

R (Top)
R & D Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore)
RGC Textile Manufacturing Corp (Philippines)
RJ Spring & Rubber Industries (Philippines)
Roberts Auto & Industrial Parts Mfg. Corp (Philippines)
RS Unitech (Philippines)
Ryonan Electric Philippines Corporation (Philippines)

S (Top)
Sagara Metro Plastics Industrial Corp. (Philippines)
Supercast Foundry and Machinery Corp.
SWTS Pte Ltd Address (Singapore)

Technol Eight Philippines Corporation (Philippines)
Toyota Autoparts Phils., Inc.
Toyota Boshoku Phils., Corp (Philippines)
TRP Corp (Philippines)
TS Tech Trim Phils.

U (Top)
Uratex Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)
USG Prouducts (F.E.) PTE LTD (Singapore)

V (Top)
Valerie Products (Philippines)
Visteon Philippines, Inc.

W (Top)

X (Top)

Y (Top)
Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc. (Philippines)
YTM Components, Inc (Philippines)
Yutaka Manufacturing Phils., Inc. (Philippines)

Z (Top)